From the Executive Director and Founder

It’s No Longer the Status Quo

We all like to believe that we are more broad-minded, more tolerant, more open than our predecessors. Every new generation likes to believe that. And of course in some ways, we are.

But we have our own limitations and prejudices which our descendants will see more clearly than we can. We are still capable of being disrupted, of being challenged in our beliefs. Within our lifetimes, new and dangerous-seeming ideas will emerge, and technologies will release new and dangerous-seeming potential, taking us to places we think we don’t want to go.

That is inevitable.

My hope is that we understand that progress depends on disruption. There is no true innovation without disruption. You cannot innovate unless you’re prepared to disrupt the status quo. And we as legal professionals, and our communities around the world, must continue to progress, and lets all together, inspire that change. The change that is WLA.

WLA, with its emphasis on original ideas, independence of mind, and dedication to truth and knowledge, gives you all that you seek from your profession and the communities around you.

With the formation of the World Law Alliance – lets celebrate commitment, ambition, vision – and all the attributes it takes to get an idea off the ground, and challenge the status quo to bring about innovation.

All the Best!