Governance, Management and Approach

WLA Governance, Management and Approach



World Law Alliance WLA is governed by a Board of Directors, represented mostly by the membership. The Board’s role is to ensure that WLA establishes and maintains the trust of its members, is prudent and ethical in its activities, and is accountable for its actions. The Board meetings focus on planning, policy-making, and assessing the progress of our mission.

WLA is governed by Bylaws which provide the framework needed for WLA operations and governance.

Management & Approach


WLA firms deliver international services through industry, regional and working groups located in major commercial centers throughout the world.

Global Industry Group Heads: Industry Group heads are responsible for the development and profitability of their Industry Groups.

Regional Group Heads: Each region to be headed by a Regional Head to oversee the regions strategy and success.

Global Executive Board: To oversee the Global business objectives

All these heads jointly become responsible for the overall management and growth of WLA.

WLA Industry and Practice Groups


WLA Industry Group is designed to anticipate and address business needs of clients operating in each specific industry sector.

Each WLA industry group draws upon experts from around the world to pool their industry expertise and develop perspectives, resources and capabilities to serve best solutions to clients. The industry and practice focused partners in each firm join the group.

WLA group leaders are responsible for profitability and utilization of these  groups and are part of the Global Executive Board and may also be the equity holder in the WLA.

Diversity and Inclusion


A combined strength of Lawyers from across countries, cultures and demographics make WLA truly a global law firm with a spirit of solution anywhere in the world.

Leveraging different languages, cultures and perspectives we create a truly international law firm that responds better to the needs of our clients and the communities we work in.