WLA Construction Law Group

Negotiating for you

Our clients range from successful individuals, investors and trustees to developers, major retailers and charities.

Whether a project is commercial, residential or not for profit, the drafting and negotiation of contracts to meet your specific needs is vital to ensure successful delivery. Our focus is on identifying your priorities and negotiating the best outcome for you.

Guiding you from dispute to resolution

Disputes can often delay a construction project and prevent you from achieving your aims.
Whether you are bringing or defending claims, there are many ways for a dispute to be resolved. We understand our client’s objectives in order to devise a strategy that achieves these aims. Through adjudication, arbitration, court proceedings, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, we will guide you every step of the way.

From large scale construction projects to moderate expansion plans and basic residential work, WLA’s worldwide Construction Practice Group offers experts on the ground in 160 cities across 60 countries. Group members are familiar with all aspects of construction law in their jurisdiction including regulation, real estate, contracts, employment and litigation. They are also familiar with the local terrain, local laws and local contacts including specialist professionals.

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” Attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson, this phrase has become a metaphor for the power of innovation. In construction, building a better mousetrap involves having an innovative design and sound construction, while paying attention to business challenges and managing risk throughout each project.

No construction project is perfect. Every project—large or small—can present significant risk. In today’s economy it is imperative to seek out legal advice before, during, and after any construction project, but especially when a dispute is brewing.

To ensure you are in the best position, you may need the advice and involvement of construction lawyers before a site is acquired or ground is broken, or well after the moving trucks have pulled away. Construction law is far-reaching, encompassing a host of interrelated disciplines where advice may be necessary, including real estate development, drafting contracts for design and construction, and engaging in project-related dispute resolution and litigation.

Like the field of construction law itself, the WLA Construction Practice Group is broad and diverse. It includes the best and brightest construction lawyers from every region of the United States and internationally.
Our clients include owners, developers, contractors, designers, product suppliers, insurers, and sureties. They trust us to provide effective, coordinated guidance. The lawyers who make up the WLA Construction Law Practice Group have firsthand experience working for every type of participant, on every type of project.

Areas of focus

  • Litigation
  • Real estate transactions
  • Business counseling
  • Contracts and subcontracts
  • Design and construction defects
  • Personal injury and property damage
  • Environmental compliance
  • Product manufacturers and suppliers
  • Risk management, insurance, and performance bonds
  • Lobbying and legislation
  • Licensing