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Everyone in the world of sport wants to achieve success. Whether that’s securing a dream move to a new club, establishing or investing in a sports team or negotiating a partnership with a sports body, you will want to build on your achievements and move forward to realize your goals.

WLA sports group understands the global dimensions of the sports industry and provides connected and coordinated advice.

WLA sports team can advise on a wide range of issues impacting individuals and organizations in the world of sport from sponsorship, commercial contracts and tax to intellectual property, reputation management, immigration and the creation of charitable foundations.

Emerging talent

On your journey to the top, the decisions you, your family, managers and agents make today can have a huge influence on the direction your journey takes, and the rewards it brings along the way.

Getting to know you, understanding your motivations and immediate requirements allows us to provide you with early stage support, guidance and mentoring at the start.

The early identification and resolution of legal issues will be critical to the development of your brand and business potential.

As the globalization of sport continues to increase, it is crucial that those operating in this sector have advisors with the capability to service both their domestic and international needs.

We are committed to working together for the benefit of our clients. These include athletes and sports businesses with global aspirations and cross-border needs and the governing bodies that regulate these sports.As a group we have experience in all aspects of sports law whether it is advising on global mobility and the wealth management of athletes, enhancing the commercial value of a business or protecting the integrity of a sport.

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