International Human Rights Council (IHRC)


IHRC leads the WLA’s global efforts to promote and protect all human rights for all people.



Our mandate is to empower people to realize their rights and assist governments in meeting their responsibilities to protect and respect these rights. Human rights are key to developing sustainable societies because only when people are protected by state law and free to exercise their rights can destructive cycles of poverty, discrimination and indignity come to an end. IHRC provides a forum for identifying, highlighting and developing legal systems to today’s human rights challenges.

By making a voluntary contribution as a lawyer to the IHRC, you participate in helping the many people whose basic rights are systematically violated by a variety of actors on a daily basis. Your pro bono can support advocacy and technical assistance to States, capacity-building and training for human rights defenders and civil society, reporting and monitoring on violations, preventive actions and direct assistance to victims of human rights violations to mention just a few areas.