Enabling creativity and collaboration-

Innovation and Transformation.


If you are looking to develop or enhance your international capabilities to meet the needs of clients across national borders, WLA could be the right choice for you. Joining WLA means both you and your clients gain access to shared knowledge and expertise across our network.

We work with growing member firms with high standards of integrity and a strong professional reputation, who are keen to join our network and contribute actively to its continued success.

If you would like to join WLA and still retain your independence, please read membership related details and FAQ’s carefully on this page before filling out the membership form below.



Connect to the world

The Network enables its members to tap into the power of being able to access hundreds of firms from virtually every geography on earth.


Global brand

Member firms improve their brand and reputational profile. Members can differentiate themselves overnight by gaining the best of both worlds – maintaining their unique independence while becoming part of a powerful global brand.


Extensive reach

Member firms gain a global footprint and become likely to receive more referrals, along with the ability to connect clients to the right talent to meet a client’s specific need in most any geography required.


Repeat referrals

Member firms will be able to increase referrals through reciprocal referrals.


Client opportunities

WLA members benefit by gaining access to potential new clients, increased opportunities through joint marketing initiatives and access to top quality training and know-how. This allows member firms, regardless of size or location, to be connected to client opportunities around the world and to collaborate with other firms to find the right match with the right expertise in the right place for clients.


Collaborate and Own

WLA members collaboratively develop, own and control specialized assets with a collective purpose in different practice and industry sectors. WLA Membership allows progressive firms to remain independent, build reputation and pursue multi-market growth opportunities.


Gain competitive Edge

WLA members have the edge in today’s competitive and globally diverse legal environment to service the complex needs of clients.


WLA provides access to:

Local insight to jurisdictions around the world
Our global website directory
WLA brand
Global conferences
Shared knowledge
Private Members area
Compliance with international standards and quality


Our mission is to help our members provide the best service to clients.Jointly, we use WLA tools, technology and resources for economy and quality – and to deliver cutting-edge services and solutions to our clients – anywhere, anytime.

Working together to put our clients first.™


Working Together

Disparate, yet Together – WLA Firms serve clients to the best of their ability together. The geographic and practice diversity of WLA allows us to have a breadth of knowledge that can be used when addressing client needs.

Learning Together

We share those experiences and learn from each other regarding effectively addressing numerous issues, creating winning strategies and using our knowledge to assist each other.

Finding Solutions Together

It isn’t difficult to identify problems. Assisting each other to find the solutions is actually the key to effective client service, firm management and practice development.

Join WLA as a ‘WLA Firm’, ‘WLA Member’ or ‘WLA Associate’.


Each member firm and Associate is independent and is responsible for its own liabilities. Only member firms of WLA are considered full members through their member status in WLA.

WLA Firm or WLA Member

WLA Members can carry the ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ name and brand identity, either exclusively or as part of their regional practice names and provide services to their clients.

Member firms have a number of rights and obligations as a result of their membership of ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’. These rights and obligations include voting rights, right to nominate in various international industry groups, practice groups and working groups. Obligation to abide by the code of practice and other operational bylaws of WLA.

A WLA Member or WLA Firm agrees to meet a number of high standards set in the WLA bylaws, code of practice. These standards relate to the quality and range of their services, as well as to other issues such as their size, location and branding. Member firms agree to apply global policies on quality assurance, ethics & independence and inspections, in compliance with applicable international standards.

WLA Associate

“WLA Associate” is allowed to identify themselves as a “WLA Associate’. They are not member firms of ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’ and have limited rights and obligations. They have no voting rights and can not participate in any of the internal WLA working groups, Industry and practice groups. Their role is limited to the exchange and Referral of work with other WLA members and associates as a certified legal or law practice.

Associates can use the term “WLA Associate” as an expression and identification that the firm is a “WLA Associate” and agree to provide services and advice to clients or member firms in locations where, at present, there is no member firm.




Membership Benefits

Transform your practice into a high growth trajectory


Instantly expand your geographic reach without the challenges and expense associated with launching own overseas offices

Market your niche to a wider audience across the globe at a fraction of your invested resources

Get on the radar of new corporate clients around the world

Improved awareness in the local marketplace, as well as internationally, whether you are branded or unbranded

Build capacity to service the needs of today’s global clients


Access to technical manuals, global software and training that are international standard compliant.

Develop practice and skills through a variety of initiatives, shared matters, projects, WLA conferences, informal face-to-face interactions, collaborative business development projects and meet-ups

Deliver consistent, high quality service to clients, wherever they are headquartered or have a presence in the world

Create a joint venture team or collaborate in the representation of large, complex international transactions.

Improve new Client Conversions


Business development support and international networking opportunities.

Make a joint pitch with WLA for large or high value clients

Develop your pro bono activities and more in the chosen sector, location or practice areas

Grow and diversify your client base through inbound work referrals from other WLA member firms, both regional and international. Send a referral to the most competent law firm and get referrals from other law firms

Build your network and stimulate business development opportunities by participating in global, regional and national web-live and live events

Gain immediate amplified web presence


Online Landing Page of the Law Firm with all necessary Information

Profile of all the law firm partners on WLA platform

Videos in various sections of WLA platform

Constantly updated and maintained a public profile on WLA Platform to enhance your recognition and improve your search visibility online

Get Assured and Guaranteed Tangible Results


Assured marketing and outreach footprint via WLA campaigns

Assured guaranteed minimum business inquiries or leads from WLA central marketing team or home office

Assured referrals in lieu of referrals – Inbound and outbound referral of engagements from other member firms worldwide.

Build your firm’s brand reputation


Get Recognition that the firm is part of an integrated global brand trusted for its quality

Enhance your firms’ reputation for delivering the highest international standards of ethics, client service and professionalism

Use of WLA brand in the following ways

A WLA firm
Member WLA

Become part of a high decibel multi-dimensional marketing, outreach and brand building program of WLA


LINKEDIN MARKETING – With minimum monthly impressions of over 10000 each month

EMAIL MARKETING – .5 million digital multimedia mailings to over 1+ lac data in over 80 countries

Promotion and sharing of all the members content on WLA official twitter handle and from all other WLA social media platforms

WLA MEDIA – Unlimited continuous Publication of Articles and Papers ( subject to editorial corrections) on WLA platform by the members and sharing through all WLA digital platforms

GOOGLE ADS – Advertising with minimum 10,000+ impressions every month on Google Network

FACEBOOK MARKETING – With minimum impressions of over 10,000 each month

Media Relations campaign of WLA with minimum 1 news article distributed to global media houses every fortnight

Outreach program to over1 lac corporate counsel through WEB LIVE Events (WLA Webinars) every month

Development and promotion of each members Landing page on WLA platform – promotion will be focused specific to the members jurisdiction or its unique practice specialization

Thought leadership programs developed and promoted by WLA specific to each member’s unique strengths during the year

Speaking and Authorship opportunities in WLA media and other industry events



WLA Marketing & Development Service Group

Specialized marketing for the best.

In a perfect world, the best cases should go to the best law firms and the best attorneys. Unfortunately, in today’s ultra-competitive legal landscape, the best cases go to the best marketers.

We want the most game changing attorneys to get the best cases, grow the strongest law firms, and make the greatest positive impact in their communities.

Set your firm apart
Grow your brand
Improve search ranking (SEO)
Attract better cases

Extend Your Reach. Grow Your Business


WLA members are a close-knit group of firms that are highly respected in their local markets, well- versed in current business trends, internationally connected, extremely ethical, and work with a shared vision and set of values.

Everything we do at WLA is designed to give our member firms the resources, opportunities and culture of friendship they need to connect, engage, grow, and extend their legal and advisory reach to clients everywhere in the world.


A Strategic Global Network


WLA is not just a legal network, it is a highly-effective solution to doing business across borders. It combines friendship and mutual trust with a collective knowledge of legal systems, trading practices, licensing protocols, tax structures and other business complexities.


WLA firms thrive because they are able to:

  • Achieve faster growth and greater profitability
  • Retain and attract the brightest legal talent
  • Be more visible to and bring in ideal clients
  • Retain profitable clients who have sophisticated cross-border needs
  • Keep up with the latest legal and technological developments worldwide


Use of WLA logo

Members will be allowed to use WLA identity and can use any of the tag lines mentioned below-

  • ‘World Law Alliance’ or ‘WLA’
  • A WLA Firm
  • Member, World Law Alliance


The logo can essentially be used at the bottom footer of a website and email signatures.

The WLA logos will be shared with descriptions on how to use it in various settings. With links to WLA assets for clients Knowledge.

In case members need design help to use the logo in their stationery and other communication collateral, the WLA marketing team can assist.

Members also have the additional facility to take the services of the marketing team in the design and development of their firms collateral and also in writing articles by skilled writers.

Membership Criteria


Our success comes from bringing together ‘like-minded’ individuals and firms who share the WLA vision and value honesty, integrity, innovation and mutual trust. The following elements are fundamental to all WLA members:

Local and Global Expertise. Members are generally well-established medium-sized firms in their jurisdictions, with substantial partner involvement and both local and international expertise. Firms are responsible for their own staff and work projects. We also admit sole practitioners, boutiques and large practices. English fluency is essential.

Active and Engaged. Membership to WLA is non-exclusive, but participation in regional and practice-specific networks is encouraged. Firms share an ongoing commitment to the operation and development of WLA, such as participation in conferences and events and prompt response to WLA requests and referrals from other firms.

Shared Values of Honesty, Trust, and Innovation. Mutual trust and friendship are among the fundamental attributes of WLA membership. Members must adhere to principles of honesty and integrity in all professional dealings, and should observe modern business practices and the ability to communicate efficiently through modern communication channels.

Application for membership/acceptance procedure


Application for membership is made by completing an application form. There is no cost to make an application. This form asks for general details about your firm; experience of providing international legal services, details of your skills/experience etc. Once completed, this is circulated to our Board of Directors for acceptance (or to ask further questions).

Membership starts after payment of the very nominal annual membership fee which is based on the number of partners in your firm. New members are also obliged to sign the WLA’s Quality Code (to identify their compliance with it) and to acknowledge the Rules and Regulations of the Association.


What we look for in a member


  • Firms that provide highly specialized and focused practice related to a jurisdiction, industry or practice area. Or firms with resource capacity.
  • English-speaking capabilities at the partner level
  • Willingness to share knowledge and participate in WLA activities
  • Size is not critical, but a minimum of two partners suggests that a firm has the resources and capabilities we look for.


How does this Alliance work?

World Law Alliance acts as a Global Firm ( Network of firms) and will promote its brand “WLA
“ to clients ( corporate, HNI’s and Government) as a collective of best and finest regional firms delivering success to clients anywhere in the world.

Although all member firms remain independent and will be responsible for their actions, still the members together call themselves “WLA firms”. Members will be free to use WLA brand upfront and their firm name as secondary or vice-versa, depending on their own business goals and objectives.

The idea is to build a collaborative practice – to know more in-depth about the concept, please read about us, membership and other sections of the WLA website.

Is it a referral organization?

Yes, Referrals will be one of the many key attractions of WLA. However members are free to use other sources also for referrals.


How do you promote your members?

Our main goal is to promote WLA brand extensively along with all its members. Each member promoted will itself promote the WLA brand. WLA will never indulge in any work directly and all the inquiries generated on WLA platform will either be going directly to members through their one main contact or will be routed through the WLA central team to the respective firm most suited to handle the case inquiry.

The members will be promoted through continuous events and conferences targeting various industry sectors, practice groups and regions (jurisdictions). Each such practice, industry or region will also have its own groups and team leaders ( Chairs, presidents) to effectively compete within their specializations and regions.

WLA will also be extensively promoting the members through Email Marketing (half million mails every month), Linkedin marketing, Social Interviews sessions, youtube channels etc. The idea is to bring WLA as the world’s leader.

How the membership could influence my sale?

As mentioned in other sections, the WLA goal and objective is to grow its business through members business and only then WLA sustains and grows. Moreover we will be introducing ongoing innovative ways and approach to lead in every segment. This is just the beginning of a big era.

What is the membership fee and how can I join?

There are two components of the membership fee. One is a one time joining fee and another is the annual fee. At the moment, the annual fee is waived off, however there will be a small joining fee of min USD 290 or USD 100 x number of equity partners. If a firm has more than one branch, USD 50 in each branch also is added.

Ready to Join?


Fill out the online application form

If you are interested in being considered as a prospective member of WLA please complete the Prospective Members Application Form. After the application is approved and accepted, members pay a small annual membership fee that will depend on the size of your firm and number of jurisdictions covered.

WLA membership is non-exclusive – you preserve your own brand and are always free to join other networks.

Membership Fee


WLA membership fee is based on the size (Number of Partners, Branches & Practice Areas) and location of your firm. Membership team will be happy to share the member fee applicable for your firm on request.


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