The World Law Alliance mobilizes results-driven and entrepreneurial partnerships with Associations, membership organizations and other entities to make a difference in the important work the World Law Alliance does for the benefit of the law community and the consumers of legal services worldwide.

WLA recognizes that achieving sustainable solutions to global legal challenges requires us to work in close collaboration with businesses, corporate, organisations, institutions, partners of all sizes, citizens and the wider community.

We are passionate about embracing a new model of development that taps into the expertise, resources and innovations of a diverse array of organizations across the public, private and nonprofit sectors that can bring groundbreaking solutions. We are increasingly focused on fostering locally-owned, sustainable solutions by creating new ways to work directly with local entrepreneurs, organizations and institutions.

Find out how you partner with us for a greater good in the accomplishment of our mission and goals.


Bring Us Your Ideas

WLA believes that Law Community’s contributions toward global concerns, such as human Rights, Women’s Rights, education, environment, and health and safety, reforms in legal justice system should be extensive. In order to make significant progress on these issues, WLA partners with organizations around the globe to leverage our resources and capabilities along with those of our partners.


We welcome individuals, businesses, organisations of repute and high-quality providers for a partnership to create a mutually rewarding relationship that delivers real value to our membership. While we are open to any kind of a partnership, please keep in mind that the ultimate result must be the delivery of extraordinary added value to our members.