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Delivering solutions you can use from around the intersection of geography, industry and legal expertise anywhere in the world. Providing specific advice that gets a deal done or a dispute resolved anywhere you need us. WLA structure offers every client, a unique team of lawyers customized to their industry, region and business needs.


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WLA members around the world collaborate to deliver success to clients with creativity and legal knowledge.


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You can find and reach out to any one of our member firms directly or may contact our central team to discuss your case. 

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ICDT maintains an updated roster of impartial and credible Dispute Neutrals in virtually every specialization from over 70+ countries around the world. Parties in international transactions prefer ICDT as their institution of choice for appointment of Dispute Neutrals and also for administration of Dispute resolution procedures under its rules. 

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WLA Associates are selective professionals, firms and outlets in specific specialized areas or are law practice professionals having necessary skills to support WLA clients or WLA members where they may require their services.