Heirs & Beneficiaries

Some of the key questions facing you as the beneficiary of an estate are how to deal with the tax liabilities, how to protect and preserve the legacy for the future and how best to deal with any contested claims on the estate.

Regardless of whether the bequest consists of land and property, a business, cultural assets, a financial endowment or a mixture of several of these, you will want to know how best to safeguard the value of it.

Managing tax liabilities

Gift tax, estate tax, transfer taxes, wealth taxes and other forms of capital tax could all be due on an estate, depending on the circumstances.

Our international team is one of the leading groups for advising on the structuring of estates to manage tax. Trusts and foundations are hugely useful for efficient wealth and succession planning if they are properly set up and managed and, with member attorneys around the world, we can provide a truly global perspective.

Resolving inheritance disputes

Succession disputes are unfortunately all too common, and it is frequently the case that the larger the estate in question, the more sources of contention tend to emerge.

Our international team is dedicated to dealing with such issues as they arise, or with such disputes where no internal resolution is possible. International inheritance fights can be particularly complex, and must be handled very carefully to avoid a host of unwanted and unforeseen consequences.

Philanthropic purpose

When you have secured your bequest, you may want to give some thought to ways in which it can be used to benefit your community and others around the world. We can advise you on the variety of options for establishing a philanthropic enterprise and the right way to structure your giving to avoid triggering punitive legal and financial implications.