Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

In the last three years, “Blockchain” technology has attracted entrepreneurs, engineers, venture capitalists and bankers pouring their time, energy, and money into cryptocurrency-related business. There are endless possibilities for blockchain – from securities and commodities trading, to supply chain, to IP rights, to identity management and security, to real estate to government services, just to name a few. Many industries will be disrupted by blockchain – our future will definitely include it.

Attorneys from our Blockchain and Cryptocurrency practice group hail from jurisdictions like Singapore, Serbia, Italy, Hong Kong, Colombia, Ghana, US and UK. They navigate clients who are key players in the blockchain ecosystem, through the complex and uncertain business and regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies and other crypto-assets across the world.

Clients will benefit from a multi-jurisdiction network of expertise from lawyers with regulatory, corporate, real estate, tax, technology, data protection and privacy, banking, merger and acquisition and securities law experiences – as well as being familiar with cutting-edge blockchain technology.