Government Relations, Lobbying, & Administrative Law

When your company needs to work with government regulators, relationships matter. When your business wants to provide input into the legislative process, relationships matter. In government and in the political arena, relationships matter.

WLA attorneys and law firms who work in the areas of government relations, lobbying, and administrative law can provide critical insight into the process, introductions to key regulators, and inside knowledge about the legislative process.

As the saying goes, “All politics is local”—even at the highest levels of government. When your business needs help navigating a government labyrinth, the lawyers and law firms of WLA can be your guides. Our government relations, lobbying, and administrative law attorneys include former legislators and regulators who have insiders’ knowledge of the lobbying, legislative, regulatory, and political process.

Whether your company operates in just one region, or in jurisdictions across the globe, government relations demands in-depth knowledge of an area’s unique economy, political structure, culture, and key stakeholders. You need local expertise that can help your company grow its business while also complying with local laws. Turn to WLA, with member firms spread across the United States and around the globe working in government relations, lobbying, and administrative law.

Areas of focus

Drafting legislation
Zoning issues
Federal, state, and municipal law expertise
Responding to government audits
Administrative law
Creating and coordinating advocacy efforts
Advocacy at all levels of federal and state governments
Preparing clients for government testimony