Venture Capital & Financing

Whether it’s a start-up business seeking seed money or a multinational corporation in need of bridge financing, companies must have access to capital to grow and survive. WLA law firms and lawyers working in the area of Venture Capital & Financing have experience representing all types of investors and companies at all stages of the transaction.

From venture capital to commercial lending, and from commercial developers to high-tech companies, the attorneys and law firms of WLA have the experience and know-how to guide investors, lenders, and borrowers through an investment transaction.

If your company is in need of financing, our Venture Capital & Financing lawyers can help you identify potential lenders, structure agreements in a way that minimizes your company’s potential risks, and address the host of interrelated legal issues, including those related to tax, corporate governance and employment compensation.

WLA Venture Capital & Financing law firms also have experience representing all types of lenders and investors, including commercial banks, individual angel investors, private equity firms, and certified capital company funds. We have first-hand experience conducting due diligence, identifying potential problems, structuring transactions, and enforcing existing loan agreements.

Areas of focus

Negotiating, structuring, and documenting loans and investments
Venture capital, private equity, and angel investors
Start-up and Series A round venture funding
Mezzanine financing and bridge loans
Initial Public Offerings
Financing-related tax issues