WLA Contract solutions group

WLA Contract solutions group provides advisory services, drafting and negotiation of contracts and foreign language support. Our contracting solutions help you manage contract risk, close more deals, improve decision-making using accurate contract data, and reduce costs.

Areas of work include:

    • GDPR
    • Contract Drafting and Negotiating
    • Contract Risk and Obligation Management
    • Template Standardization and Clause Libraries
    • Due Diligence Review

Challenges faced by companies

Virtually every Dollar spent or earned by any company flows through some form of commercial contract and a typical law department has 50% or more of the team engaged in contracting.

As per reports, the average company suffers contract value leakage equal to 9.2% of revenue each year. At the same time, many legal teams struggle to meet the needs of their internal sales and procurement departments, as well as other business functions, to turn around contracts quickly and qualitatively.

WLA Contracts solution

We have developed a standardized, scalable solution to generating contracts which lays the foundation for effective contract management. It utilizes best practice templates and playbooks developed by our network of leading commercial contracts teams, who also support those more complex or high value contracts that require expert attention.

WLA can facilitate contract review, negotiation and execution in a way that helps you achieve your business’s broader goals and strategies around procurement, sales, and data privacy agreements, or post-signature contract management issues.


The benefits for you

We provide a more robust, systematic and controlled approach to managing your contracts.

Our approach delivers 3 powerful benefits:

  1. Reduces your costs and improves the quality of your contracts
  2. Accelerates transaction cycle times and allows you to efficiently handle spikes in contracting volume
  3. Improves compliance with relevant laws and regulations and company policies